School Facilities and Technology Levy

On November 5, 2013, voters in the Stanwood-Camano School District voted to approve a capital levy to:

  • Address top-priority facility needs
  • Replace worn-out and obsolete technology used for student learning

Why was the levy being proposed?

  • A citizen's facility committee and a technology committee made recommendations to place identified priorities on a future ballot.
  • This measure funds long-term basic facility needs that fall outside of routine daily maintenance. No capital improvement funding measures have been approved in the past 15 years.
  • Funding for facilities would extend the useful life of school buildings.
  • Worn-out computers and other equipment used for student learning and state-mandated testing would be replaced.
  • Projects are funded and completed in order of greatest importance, recommended by committees that included community members and staff.
The School Facilities and Technology Levy provides funding over 5 years

Approximately 60% of the funds provided by this levy will be used for long-term facility needs, such as:
    • Increasing student and staff safety
      • Improve communication systems
      • Enhance and expand school access controls
      • Make health and safety improvements
    • Repairing basic, worn-out systems
      • Roofs, windows, siding
      • Heating, ventilation, energy efficiency

Approximately 40% of the funds provided by this levy will upgrade technology used for student learning at all schools, these projects include:

    • Replacing obsolete and worn-out classroom computers
    • Upgrading infrastructure that supports technology for student learning

General Information about the Facilities and Technology Levy

School districts are allowed to collect only the amount of money approved by voters.  When assessed property values change, the tax rate is adjusted to ensure that the district collects only the levy dollar amount approved by voters.

All outstanding debt bonds were paid in full in December 2013. The facilities and technology levy replaced the expired tax for that debt. The tax rate will decrease from previous levels, then remain the same for the next 4 years, and then drop by about 90% in the 5th year. Unlike bonds, there is no interest cost for a capital levy.  This measure expires at the end of 2018.

Why does the levy rate drop by 90% in the 5th year?
The first four years of funding provided by this measure would pay for long-term facility preservation projects and updating technology used for student learning. The fifth year of funding provided by this measure would complete the technology portion of the project.

Original Language of Proposition No. 1 Stanwood-Camano School District No. 401
School Facilities and Technology Levy presented to voters on November 5, 2013.

The Board of Directors of Stanwood-Camano School District No. 401 passed Resolution No. 2012/13-003 concerning school facilities improvements and technology upgrades. The proposition would authorize the District to modernize and repair District facilities, modernize and upgrade District technology and computer systems for instruction an
d operations, and other capital project expenditures; and authorizes the following taxes in excess of regular property tax levies, on all taxable property within the District.

Collections YearsApproximate Levy Rate 
Per $1,000 Assessed Value
Levy Amount