Levy Monies are being used for long-term facility needs, such as:
  • Increasing student and staff safety
    • Improve communication systems
    • Enhance and expand school access controls
    • Make health and safety improvements
  • Repairing basic, worn-out systems
    • Roofs, windows, siding
    • Heating, ventilation, energy efficiency 
Summer of 2014 Activities:
The top priority projects identified by the Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) for construction during Summer of 2014 were: heating, ventilation, and lighting improvements at Stanwood High School; repairs and improvements to the Bob Larson Stadium parking lot .

Prioritizing capital levy projects for FY 2014-15 were identified and are listed in the Levy Facilities Projects Timeline.  (See menu on right.) 

The FAC will meet to review project priorities and provide feedback on long range plans for replacing Stanwood High School.