Frequently Asked Questions

Stanwood-Camano School District

FAQs from Key Communicators

May 2015

1.       Why did they put forth the School Facilities and Technology Levy in 2013 rather than a new high school bond?

The School Facilities and Technology Levy in 2013 was designed to meet the emergent needs of all schools in the district. The facilities committee examined the needs of all buildings and determined that safety, roofing, flooring, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), grounds, and painting projects were necessary to complete so that all schools were updated before beginning a comprehensive high school project. Additionally, by waiting until 2016-17, the bond would replace School Facilities/Technology Levy which will keep the tax rate level and should not cost the voters any additional dollars unless appraisals by the county change.

2.       Why are you making repairs to Stanwood High School when you are planning to replace it?

The improvements being made to Stanwood High School include only those to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the students and staff at the school for the next few years while the high school project is underway. For example, Stanwood High School's new roof will have a 10 year warranty rather than a 30 year warranty.

3.       How can we run a high school bond without a tax rate increase?

In December  2013, the district made its final payment on all long-term debt which was financed by a Bond Levy. That year, the voters approved a five-year School Facilities and Technology Levy (2014-18) replacing the expiring Bond Levy at a slightly lower tax rate.  At the end of the 4th year of the School Facilities and Technology Levy (2017),  the levy rate drops by approximately 90%.  The remaining 10% of that levy will be used in 2018 for maintaining the newly upgraded technology system.  The estimated 2018 Bond Levy tax rate needed to replace the high school is less than the expiring School Facilities and Technology Levy tax rate.  When the tax rate for the School Facilities and Technology Levy drops in 2018, the new proposed high school bond levy would then be collected at an estimated lower tax rate.  A Tax Measure Graphic on this website depicts the tax rate details.

4.       Has a site been decided for a new Stanwood High School?

No, this option is being investigated by the Stanwood High School Planning Team. The final site would be determined after considering the costs to obtain a new site (50 acres, improvement costs, new athletic facility and performing arts center) or work with the existing site and retaining ball fields and other facilities.  Many factors need to be considered.

5.   Who is on the Stanwood High School Planning Team?

The 40 member Stanwood High School Planning Team is comprised of community members from all regions of the district and varied demographics. Teachers and administrators from the district also participate on the committee. Staff and community members were nominated by community members or self-nominated. Team members committed to attending 8 meetings over the course of 18 months beginning in February of 2015.

6.       Why are the bleachers and gym floors being replaced at SHS when the plan is to replace the high school's gym in several years?

The bleachers are being replaced for safety reasons. The new bleachers are engineered so that they have the capacity to be moved when needed. It was determined that the gym floor can be refinished, repaired and repainted, instead of replaced, as previously assumed.

7.       Why are central office administrators not seen at community and school events?

Central office administrators each supervise different buildings and departments (such as, transportation, maintenance, food services, and special services). Administrators typically attend the events hosted by the schools they supervise. Administrators attend community events as time allows. An elimination of one administrator at the district office changed the scope of responsibilities.

8.       Will all day Kindergarten be a reality for all schools next year?

We are waiting for a decision to be made by the Legislature. Currently, Senate and House budgets differ, thus we do not know which of our schools will be funded for full-day Kindergarten.  Both House and Senate preliminary budgets fund full-day Kindergarten for Twin City Elementary, Elger Bay Elementary and Stanwood Elementary schools. The Senate budget also funds full-day Kindergarten for Utsalady Elementary School. A priority of the Stanwood-Camano Board of Directors is to have full-day kindergarten options available at all Stanwood-Camano elementary schools.

9.       What should I do if I do not get timely responses back from school staff?

If emails and phone calls are not being returned by school staff, please contact the school building principal. Phone numbers for each building can be found on the district's website.  If phone calls and emails are still not being returned please call the district office at 360-629-1200 or email the district office at

10.       What is the district doing to improve its academic reputation to attract more families to Stanwood?

Recently, four schools in the Stanwood-Camano School District received prestigious awards from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instructions. These schools were Port Susan Middle, Stanwood Elementary and Stanwood High School for high progress; and Cedarhome Elementary for high progress in reading achievement. Additionally, Stanwood High School was one of 17 high schools across the state to receive a School of Distinction Award this year and has received various state awards since 2011.

The results of the 2013-14 district-wide assessments exceeded the state results in all grade levels (3-8, 10) and categories (reading, math, writing, and science).

The district expanded its Highly Capable options for all students grade K-12.

Stanwood High School offers 13 College in the High School courses, 9 Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and 18 Tech Prep courses.

Scholastic Art Awards were earned, athletic teams received academic awards at state competition, and History Day team members advanced to state competition.

The Career and Technical Education programs are highly regarded across the state and nation.  Student organizations have earned state and/or national recognition in the following programs: Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Technology Student Association (TSA), Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Washington Career and Technical Sports Medicine Association (WCTSMA), FFA Agriculture, FFA Livestock, FFA Nursery and Floriculture, FFA Natural Resources.

Please see the complete list of schools that have been awarded, below:

·   Cedarhome Elementary:

    2014 Washington Achievement Award for Reading Growth

    2013 Washington Achievement Award for Reading Growth

·   Elger Bay Elementary:

    2010 School of Distinction

     2007 School of Distinction

·   Stanwood Elementary:

    2014 Washington Achievement Award for High Progress

    2013 Washington Achievement Award for High Progress

    2008 School of Distinction

·   Port Susan Middle School

    2014 Washington Achievement Award for High Progress

·   Stanwood High School:

    2014 Washington Achievement Award for High Progress

    2014 School of Distinction Award for Outstanding Improvement in Reading and Math over a 5-year Period

    2013 Washington Achievement Award for High Progress

    2011 Washington Achievement Award for High Progress

·    Lincoln Hill High School:

    2011 Washington Achievement Award for Improvement

·    Saratoga School: 2013 Washington Achievement Award for Reading Growth