Technology in SCSD

Engaging and enabling students and staff to personalize education

using a variety of technologies integrated into learning and the curriculum.

In November 2013, voters in the Stanwood-Camano School District approved a 5 year capital levy to provide funding for school facility and technology updates. The technology portion of the levy provides nearly $12,000,000 over the five-year levy term. Ivoxy Consulting was hired for the planning, design, implementation and installation of the network and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).  
Because of Smarter Balanced testing being implemented in  the Spring of 2015, we installed VDI computer labs in all school buildings.  As well, we needed a robust network, so the network connecting those labs throughout the district was replaced. 
The Technology Services Group moved into the library at Church Creek Campus.  A data center was designed and built with adequate power, a continuous power supply, back up generator, cooling system, fire suppression and security.  This new data center houses the core network services, server infrastructure and is actually the "brains" of the school district's technology environment.   

The Strategic Planning Technology Committee met during the Spring of 2015 to plan and address the needs of the teacher workstation requirements. This committee has helped create the plan and vision for mobile computing within the school buildings.   The Technology Committee will also assist in creating the plan for assistive technology for students needing that technology. As this is a five year process, we are addressing the most pressing needs first. Unlike a bond issued for typical new school building construction, this is a levy in which the funding for technology comes in over the five year length of the levy.  Funds are received into the school district from Snohomish County and Island County Treasurer's Offices after property tax collections each April and October.

The school district's priorities in utilizing the levy supported dollars will be to replace and/or upgrade technology based on the following strategies:
  • Professional development programming that supports teachers as they integrate technology into curricula. 
  • Technical assistance to help schools plan for and implement technologies and systems that improve operations and learning. 
  • Development of technologies that connects staff and student learning and experiences preparing them to be career and college ready.
  • Equity of access to digital technologies by students and school personnel. 
  • Expand the interaction and use of digital technologies by students and school personnel. 
  • Encourage “the effective integration of technology resources and systems” through teacher training. 
  • Promote the development of curriculum that uses technology for teaching and learning. 
  • Investigate and implement research-based instructional practices that utilize technology for teaching and learning.

Stanwood-Camano School District Technology Goals

  1. Commit to learning and teaching that engages students and adults and is infused with the most appropriate technologies.

  2. Development of ongoing training in the use of technology for staff.

    1. Establish in-service opportunities

    2. Address identified needs regarding effective implementation and integration of technology.

    3. Training & Support - Develop a systematic training and support module for staff that will meet current and future technology needs.

  3. Coordinate technology district wide.

    1. The development process of the technology and learning plan involves six steps:

      1. Planning - Scope of plan defined.

      2. Data Collection - Survey the use of technology in the district.  

      3. Needs Analysis - Findings synthesized based upon collected survey data.

      4. Needs/Recommendations - Areas of need identified by the team based upon collected data and initial recommendations.

      5. Implementation Plan - Development of plan that includes time-lines, equipment estimates, hardware, software, human resources, training, and cost estimates.

      6. Report Preparation-Prepare a report for the school board and staff to reflect progress.

  4. Objectives

    1. Curriculum and Instruction - Provide an integrated curriculum and instructional program that utilizes technology and ties student needs and achievement to district goals and resources.

    2. Software and Hardware Selection - Develop a plan that will ensure that future hardware, software, and other peripheral equipment selection will allow for maximum productivity while being cost effective using a platform neutral approach.

    3. Facilities Planning - Design a state-of-the-art technology plan to be incorporated into the development of current and new facilities.

    4. Provide the infrastructure to be able to take advantage of the current K-20 connection and future statewide technology initiatives.

    5. Professional Development - programs based on the curricular needs that teachers require to integrate technology.

    6. Student Management System - Using our existing and newly developed resources, establish an integrated student management system of current and historical records that provides information for building and district needs.

    7. Integrated Administration System - Develop an efficient and comprehensive framework for a common database for the district that provides access and the ability to integrate data on personnel, business, and finances.

    8. Network and Communications - Develop a network and communications system that ensures accurate and efficient delivery of information among staff, parents and community, as well as enhancing student learning opportunities.  

    9. Develop a district wide Intranet- This will allow our district and community to communicate and interact on projects and school schedules.

  5. Commitment to update hardware, software, and multimedia.

    1. Coordinate on a district wide basis the updating and replacement of technology related media.

    2. Develop a system/process for keeping current with technology advances.